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Nov 28th 2020

We are Closed today. Please call during normal business hours.

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Records Management Made Easy...

Your records are safe, secure, and easily accessed with Guardian Records Management and Storage

Document Storage Facility

Guardian's off-site storage facilities are custom-designed for state-of-the-art storage and management. Our building has:

  • Monitored security system
  • Controlled access
  • Fire protection systems
  • Video Surveillance  


Service Capabilities                   

Guardians storage facility is located in Victorville and currently provides service throughout the High Desert. So, records can be quickly delivered when the need arises.

Our friendly and knowledgeable service staff will do everything possible to be responsive and provide fast and trouble-free access to records stored in our warehouse. 

File Management

Guardian Records Management offers barcode tracking at the box, file or document level. We individually barcode and index each file keeping a complete inventory history on each file. The same barcode is used during the entire life of the file. This file tracking service makes management of your inventory simple and cost-efficient. 

Internet Access

You have secure access to your file inventory via Guardian-online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to search, post, perform data entry, track files, print activity and perform other management tasks.

Barcode Tracking

All items incoming or outgoing are barcoded. During every pickup and delivery, Guardian Records Management's driver scans the barcode of each item at the client location.


Our reporting services enable you to quantify the activity history of your files, identify records that are eligible for disposal and allocate your records storage and records management costs. This is done by location, requester, department or cost center.                                                                                    


   Record Storage   Document Destruction
  Whether you store your
records in your warehouse,
a room in your office or a
self-storage unit, Guardian
can help you improve the
management of those records.

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  Don’t allow yourself to become
a victim of a crime because you
didn’t take the time to properly
dispose of your confidential

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