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Nov 28th 2020

We are Closed today. Please call during normal business hours.

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Scheduled Service

Scheduled Shredding Service... 

Guardian provides an economical and simple alternative to shredding in the office. We place attractive, securely locked document security bins in your offices to collect documents for shredding. Document collection is simple and convenient - there's no need to sort paper or remove staples, clips or binders. Our pick-up service costs less than you pay your staff to shred documents using a standard office shredder. Free up your staff to perform income producing core tasks; eliminate noise, dust, and busy work.

Guardian offers regular scheduled off-site shredding services that are tailored to meet your needs and are offered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our goal is to provide you a flexible shredding service that matches your business needs and provides 100% satisfaction.

Our service is based on flat per container fee with no hidden or minimum charges. The flat fee includes secured shredding, and recycling of all of your materials.



Different Containers to Meet Your Needs

  • Personal Document Container (PDC)- Perfect for under a desk
  • Executive Console- Standard size perfect for any office
  • 64 Gal Bin- Normally used for large volume are (copy room, warehouse)
  • Other Sizes Available- Custom tailored to satisfy your shredding needs.



 Record Storage   Document Destruction
  Whether you store your
records in your warehouse,
a room in your office or a
self-storage unit, Guardian
can help you improve the
management of those records.

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  Don’t allow yourself to become
a victim of a crime because you
didn’t take the time to properly
dispose of your confidential

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